Posting regular content online on social media sites is dead. There, I said it!

I know, I know. Social Media ‘Experts’ everywhere are telling you that you need to be posting regularly to all the big social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, Twitter and the like.

Let’s just get something straight from the get go. Any content you post on social media reaches only a tiny fraction of your client base at any given time. Let me explain…


Back when social media was just getting started roughly ten years ago, everybody was new to this form of communication including the ones who have now built huge social media empires like Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook. Back in those days, anything people posted on Facebook was seen by anyone who liked your page or who was your friend.

This was fine for a while but gradually, people got tired of seeing all kinds of mundane and silly posts like what someone’s cat had done the previous day or what someone had for breakfast, etc… The reality is that most of our Facebook friends are a lot more like casual acquaintances. Most of us lead busy lives and aren’t interested in the white noise of the silly things happening in the lives of people we have only a casual, passing interest in.

Add to that the number of businesses that were coming online, creating pages, getting large number of likes and pushing their particular product or service to anyone who would listen. Eventually, Facebook realized that they had a problem. Facebook had launched a massive IPO that had faltered out of the gate. Wall Street was clamouring for profits. Facebook needed to be able to find a way to monetize the massive number of people using their platform.

To maximize the revenue they could generate, they also needed to find a way to keep people on their website for as long as possible…


Facebook realized that they needed to show their users content that was interesting and mattered to their users. If someone is a dog lover, Facebook shouldn’t be showing them posts in their timeline about cats. If someone is a Democrat, Facebook recognizes that politics are emotional and polarizing so they needed to show Democrats content that interested them. That’s how the algorithm was born.

Like Google before them, Facebook needed an automatic way to filter content so that users would see more content they like and less of content that they didn’t like. As Facebook started implementing this algorithm, things fundamentally started to change for every business who was relying on Facebook as a source of easy, free traffic. Eventually, the amount of traffic they were receiving from their Facebook posts and Facebook Pages dried up.


You probably don’t realize this but only a fraction of the people who have liked your business page will see your content at any given time. I’ve heard numbers as low as 10%. This means that if your Facebook Page has 1,000 likes on it, each time you post new content, less than 100 people will see the post one time in their timeline feed.

In order to reach your local market through Facebook, you have to invest in their Facebook Ads platform. When a business advertises through them, Facebook will show the ads to a much wider audience. Of course they are always concerned about showing their users quality content but overall, you will reach far more people for far less energy than you could by just trying to post regularly to your Facebook Page.

So why have a Facebook Page? Get my Free Facebook Ads Cheatsheet for Local Business to find out.